We are a training practice. This has involved meeting strict quality standards and undergoing regular assessments and practice visits.

GP Speciality training Registrars (GPStRs)

These are fully qualified doctors who are training to be GPs. Their main supervision is by our trainer Dr Tupper but they may be overseen by any of the partners. Cases seen by the GPStRs may be discussed with their supervisor for training purposes.
You may be asked if your consultation can be videoed, again this is for the GPStRs education. We also have joint surgeries, where the trainer sits in with the trainee. A GPStR is usually with us for 6 months, although sometimes it may be a year.

Foundation SHOs (F2SHOs)

We currently oversee 1 F2 SHO. They are fully qualified doctors who are undergoing further, basic medical training. Their main supervisor is our associate - trainer, Dr Coleman. They also have joint surgeries and have their cases discussed with their supervisor. They are with us for a 4 month period.

Medical Students

We take medical students who are studying to be doctors from Sheffield University. They are supervised by Dr Sharpe and Dr Chaudhary. You may be asked if the medical student can see you before being seen by one of the partners. They spend 7 weeks with us at the surgery.


We offer support to NHS Doncaster by helping to train some of their nurses and community matrons.

Medical Secretaries

We have a link with Doncaster College and are able to provide students with work experience in a place of work . This forms part of their studies.

Work experience

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept other students or work experience, due to confidentiality reasons.