You can obtain sick notes from the practice. They are for absence for work related issues only.

First 7 days of illness: Self certification

You do not require a sick note from us for the first week of your illness. You will need to contact your employer and follow their protocol. They may require you to complete a form.

After 1 week: First note

If you are absent from work for more than 1 week you will need a doctor’s sick note to cover the period. If it is your first sick note for the current illness, then you will need to be seen by the first day that the note is required as the first note can’t be back dated. When we see you, we will assess your condition and see if a sick note is required. We are unable to provide you with a first sick note if we haven’t assessed you and any sick note given can only be valid from the date you were assessed.

Continuation of a sick note

If you have had a previous sick note for your current illness, you may not need to be seen for a continuation of your note. This will depend upon your medical problem. Please ask reception for further details.

Sick note after being to the hospital

If you have been to hospital we may be able to give you a sick note based on the hospitals report on your illness. Please ask reception for further details if applicable.

Back dated sick note

We may be able to back date a continuation sick note if your condition warrants extra time off work. This may be done without needing to see you, or the note may be given at your next appointment.

Sick notes are NOT appropriate for:

Absence from community service.
Missing a Parole meeting.
Missing a court appearance.