In the event of an emergency

Call the practice on 01302 342832 & dial 1 for an emergency. A receptionist will answer your call as a priority and take some details. They will direct you on the most appropriate course of action, including dialling 999, going to Accident & Emergency (A&E) or a doctor or nurse from the practice calling you back.

Do I need to dial 999 ...?

ONLY dial 999 in the event of a serious accident or for a life threatening illness - remember that you may be depriving another patient of life-saving treatment if you dial 999 inappropriately.

Indications for a 999 ambulance include:
  • Chest Pain -> especially if central & crushing
  • Severe breathlessness
  • Unconsciousness
  • Losing a lot of blood - significant bleeding
  • Severe accident or trauma
  • A suspected stroke - sudden onset of one-sided weakness, facial drooping and/or slurred speech

Out of Hours (OOHs)

Please only call the OOHs service if your problem can’t wait until the next working day.
The local OOHs care is provided by Doncaster Emergency Out Of Hours Service (DEOOHS). This is run with local GPs who know the area well and are used to OOHs work. From the practice, both Dr Forbes & Dr Tupper work for DEOOHS.
To contact DEOOHS please dial the surgery phone number during the OOHs period (6 pm - 8 am) and your call will be automatically transfered.

Attending A&E

Attending A&E should ONLY be for accidents or emergencies. If you do not have one of these problems, please call the practice before going to A&E.

NHS 111