Contraception choices are continually increasing. At Kingthorne Group Practice we endeavour to offer a patient focused, comprehensive service and are able to discuss and provide a full range of options on-site.

Contraception services available to our registered patients:

  • General contraceptive counselling
  • Patient Information leaflets of all contraception methods
  • Coils - both copper and Mirena
  • Implanon (Contraceptive rods)
  • Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill (‘The COCP’ or ‘the pill’)
  • The Progestogen Only Pill (‘The POP’ or ‘mini-pill’)
  • Condoms
  • Depo-Provera or equivalent (the injection)

Contraception services offered to non-registered patients:

We have been commissioned to provide some contraceptive services to our non-registered patients. These include:

  • Fitting Coils - copper and Mirena
  • Fitting Implanon (contraceptive rods)

Diploma in Family Planning (DFFP)

This diploma is given for additional training in family planning. Currently Drs. Coleman, Forbes, Sharpe and Chaudhary have the DFFP.

Dr Forbes - fits coils
Dr Sharpe - fits coils and implanon

Further information:

If you wish to discuss any aspects of family planning, please make an appointment to speak to one of the doctors.

Alternatively you can obtain further information from the following websites: - The Family Planning Association - National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence