How to book an appointment:

There are 3 ways to book an appointment. Our preferred methods for booking appointments are either via the On-Line Access or the automated phone system. Using these will help us to free up the phone to reception to enable emergency calls to be dealt with as quickly as possible.


You can make, check or cancel an appointment 24/7 from any computer connected to the internet. You need to register to utilise this service, please discuss this with a receptionist.

Book or cancel an appointment on-line here

Automated Telephone

You can book the next available appointment with any doctor or an appointment with the doctor of your choice. This is available 24/7 from any telephone.

Call the practice in the usual way
  • During the Out of Hours period (6 pm - 8 am) choose option 2
  • In hours (8 am - 6 pm) choose option 2
  • Then follow the prompts

Via a Receptionist

You can either telephone the receptionist or make the appointment in person at the surgery. We would prefer you to use either the On-Line or Telephone system to free up the phone for emergencies.

Auto-Arrival System

We have an auto-arrival system at both surgeries to enable you to let the practice know that you have arrived for your appointment. This means that you do not need to queue at reception for this purpose. The system is a touch-screen device that is linked to our computer system. There are on-screen instructions in many languages. It will also tell you which room your appointment is in and give you an idea of the wait for your appointment.

Walk-in Patients

Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to deal with walk-in patients. Please call to make an appointment to be seen, especially if it is for an emergency or urgent problem. If you do walk in, you will be asked to make an appointment in the usual way.

Appointment Etiquette

We shall be grateful if you will observe the following appointment etiquette. These are in place for your benefit and other patients waiting to be seen.

  • Arriving on time for your appointment
  • Cancelling an appointment as soon as you know that you are unable to attend
  • Only 1 problem per appointment
  • Not seeing other, additional patients in an appointment
  • Not asking for other patient’s prescriptions during an appointment